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Affordable Housing & Hotels in Downtown: A Presentation to Downtown Commission, March2019

I was interviewed recently about affordable housing programs, about downtown residential diversity, and hotels in downtown. There's some great data out there about the intersection of these and I figured it'd be a good time to share this presentation from last year. I serve as the chair of both the Affordable Housing Committee and the Downtown Commission, where we carry out design review for all major projects. This was a presentation I did for the Downtown Commission, updating them on affordable housing as it pertains specifically to downtown.

Since presenting it, the large residential complex on Coxe and Asheland has been approved. When built, the % of lodging to residential in downtown will balance out at 50/50%, with hotel rooms and residences equaling each other in quantity and 33% of the housing considered affordable. This is the kind of analysis I've been doing in the background and the kind of things I'll keep an eye on if elected. If we continue to produce housing concurrently with lodging and with 20-30% affordable in downtown, we'll maintain a healthy balance.

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