Dear Asheville, 


I love this city. We are surrounded by beautiful mountains and filled with incredible, passionate people. I moved here twenty years ago to start a family and to join a community where everyone can feel welcome. 


As we’ve grown and become an international tourist destination, we’re losing some of our culture and the people who make Asheville so special, and this worries me. I see fewer of you downtown, I hear many of you say you can no longer afford to live here, that opportunities are closing and our economy isn’t flourishing for everyone. In the next decade, we’ll face even more growth as climate changes and families relocate to higher ground. 


I’m running for Asheville City Council in 2020. If elected, I will use my experience with planning and community building to work on these issues, to grow our community in ways that restores our arts and culture, lifts up our vulnerable families, protects our roots, and ensures our children will inherit a healthy community that welcomes and cares for all. 


My priorities are accessible affordable housing, climate resiliency, responsible smart growth, and growing our local economy. Please join me in planning together for a stronger Asheville that works for everyone. 


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